Russ Carrington

Russ Carrington


Russ is a coach, mentor and facilitator, working with farmers and their families, agricultural organisations and landscape scale initiatives to help them through periods of transition towards regenerative practices. He has worked with farmers and land managers across the UK, Ireland and parts of Europe. He previously managed Pasture for Life, working to support farmers adopting better grazing and livestock management through certifying and promoting 100% pasture-fed meat and milk. He also has first-hand experience of setting up and managing livestock farming enterprises having established the new regenerative farm on the Knepp Estate adjacent to its area of rewilding.

Regenerating the Human – the Interface Between Food, Farming & Medicine

The Study

How can agriculture and medicine progress together from a chemical model to a natural one? Join 2 pioneering doctors in conversation with Russ Carrington, who has himself seen first-hand the benefits of how dietary changes can improve health. Hear from Dr David Unwin, an NHS doctor who in his own practice has transformed the care […]