Tim Field

Tim Field


Tim Field worked to found Agricology with the ORC and Allerton Project in 2014 to disseminate best practice and research on practical, sustainable farming.  He is CEO of Carbon Quester, working with the Rothamsted Research Institute to develop an affordable, accurate soil carbon testing and modelling methodology.  Tim is also facilitator of 100 farms across 82,500 acres in the North East Cotswold Farmer Cluster, who are currently bidding for a Landscape Recovery pilot project on the River Evenlode.  With a background in biology and rural surveying, Tim has twenty years of experience in environmental management of farms, property, and the food supply chain.

Water Management & The Future

Agricology Discussion Tent

A lack of water – not something always associated with Great Britain, but a very real threat to the future of food and farming. What does the future hold and what can we learn from climate modelling? What challenges are farmers facing now and what practices are they implementing to reduce or mitigate future impacts […]