Timothy Parton

Timothy Parton

Tim is a Farm Manager from South Staffordshire farming 300 ha of arable land

He was FCCT 2017 Soil farmer of the Farmer.

Tim is a No-till farmer focusing on brewing biology as much as possible to replace chemical inputs, using Bacteria to fix nitrogen release phosphorous and fight of disease. He has reduced the use of Glyphosate where possible, using rolling/crimping, he hasn’t used insecticides for the last 5 years always  working to improve soil carbon content through rotation and cover cropping, also using companion cropping where possible.

Farmer Perspectives: Reducing N

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Artificial nitrogen has transformed agricultural production arguably like no other input, yet excess quantities of this highly reactive nutrient also cause a host of negative environmental impacts. With typical NUEs of ~50% the norm, there is scope to improve efficiencies and reduce dependency on bagged N. This session will share a selection of on-farm strategies […]