Will Smith

Will Smith


Will Smith is a Senior Trials Manager at NIAB where he leads the delivery of field trials that explore the management and control of weed species within an arable context. This includes the management of NIABs National Black-grass Centre at Hardwick, as well co-ordinating trials work across the country. He is part of a pan-European project ‘IWMPRAISE’ that aims to develop and adapt Integrated Weed Management practices. He is regularly involved with the knowledge transfer of learnings of these trials to farmers, agronomists, manufacturers and other industry representatives. He is currently leading NIABs involvement with the AHDB Strategic Farm network.

He is currently studying for a PhD exploring the role that inter-row cultivations can have in controlling black-grass in conventional production systems.

Long-Term Outcomes of Direct Drilling on Soil Properties & Weed Populations

Seminar Tent

NIAB has been investigating the changes in soil properties and weed populations under contrasting tillage management for over ten years. This gives a unique opportunity to discuss the changes observed when a high clay content soil is put under no-till management, in comparison to continuing the practice of high intensity tillage operations. We will discuss […]