Clarity, Community & Ownership – Empowering Farms to Successfully Outwinter

Stand DF C38 (AHDB)

Outwintering practices, such as bale grazing, are gaining traction throughout the UK, with farmers increasingly adopting these systems. Those implementing these systems are citing cost reductions, improved soil carbon management, and enhanced animal health. Despite these reported benefits, there remains a lack of robust quality, performance, and financial data to substantiate these claims. In response to this need, AHDB has commissioned an economic assessment of seven farms participating in the Innovative Farmers field lab in collaboration with Pasture for Life. This initiative aims to shed light on the impacts of bale grazing across various locations, soil types, and herd sizes. Through the lens of clarity, community, and ownership we will discuss the implementation of outwintering strategies, exploring what’s driving those farmers that are making it work.