Floodplain Meadows – Beauty & Utility: Managing & Restoring Species Rich Grasslands on Floodplains to Deliver Multiple Benefits

Old Dairy Tent

The Floodplain Meadows Partnership will run a panel/workshop session focusing on the role of species rich floodplain grasslands as a prime example of a nature-based solution that can deliver a range of eco-services, whilst remaining a sustainable productive agricultural crop. It will look at the practicalities of management and restoration highlighting demonstration sites and partnerships with farmers, long term monitoring by the Partnership and our research into soil carbon. It will explore what policy and funding is available now to support the management, creation and re-connection of floodplain meadows on a landscape scale. We would look to end the session with a short workshop with the landowners present to explore and identify issues of land management in the floodplains – for example what is the tipping point which would incentivise a decision for arable conversion into floodplain meadow?

Panel Workshop