Clive Thomas

Clive Thomas


Clive Thomas is a Senior Advisor for the Soil Association, specialising in regenerative forestry including trees and woodland on-farm. His recent work includes Soil Association reports on regenerative forestry and the economic opportunities for trees and woodland in the UK farmed landscape. Clive has also contributed to the Agroforestry Handbook and developed online training on agroforestry and farm woodland management for farmers and advisors. He is currently involved in advocating for a farm-scale forestry model for the UK, where woodland is managed as a farm enterprise to help diversify the range of farmed products and services.

Rediscovering the Forgotten Value of Farm Woodland & Farm-Scale Forestry Opportunities

Breakout Tent

Does your farm woodland feel overlooked or perhaps an underutilised resource? In this session we will discuss opportunities for UK farm woodland owners. There will be introductory session to help set the scene both for the UK and with an academic and international dimension, to see what we might learn about integrated farm-scale forestry from […]