Dan Kittredge

Dan Kittredge

2021 (by video-link)

Dan Kittredge has farmed organically for 30+ years, and is the founder and executive director of the Bionutrient Food Association (BFA), whose mission is to “increase quality in the food supply”.  As a leading proponent of “nutrient density”, Dan demonstrates the connections between soil health, plant health and human health. Out of these efforts was born the Real Food Campaign which has engineered a prototype of a hand-held citizen spectrometer designed to test nutrient density at point of purchase. Via the Bionutrient Meter, the goal is to empower citizens to choose for nutrient quality and thereby leverage economic incentives to drive full system regeneration.

Let’s have a new conversation about measuring Food Quality and question the need for labelling

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Numerous studies have questioned whether organically certified food is more nutritious than conventionally grown food, with conflicting results. In 2007, it was suggested that, ’Conventional farmers who are closest to organic practices can be better than the worst organic farmer’ In 2017, the Bionutrient Food Association began developing a Bionutrient Scanner to measure food quality […]