Jen Hunter

Jen Hunter


A pioneering farmer’s daughter with a genuine respect for rural sciences, Jen was fortunate to find a good shepherd and future husband Andrew Wear in 2004. Together we have created the opportunity to grow our family business as the ‘Fernhill Farm Experience’, offering 15000 visitors/annum the opportunity to visit and stay on our multi-purpose livestock farm focusing on ‘regenerative agricultural’ practices.

Jen says – “Wool has been my passion and concern since 2009 when the devaluation of natural fibres and promotion of synthetics left behind an excellent base material suitable for many industries. As a 2014 Nuffield Farming Scholar I researched global wool industry trends and we strive to reposition wool in society as a primary product rather than by-product from the sheep meat industry”.

Adding Value To Fleece – Bridging The Gap Between Farm & Yarn With Jen Hunter

Fibreshed Stand B8B

Jen Hunter offers a practical demonstration of gathering and throwing fleece from the shearer onto the grading tables, so it’s in the right position to be graded. You’ll learn about strength testing, grading to include skirting, removal of damaged, contaminated, and felted fibres, and how to select a fleece for processing to spin or felt. […]