Jenny Phelps MBE

Jenny Phelps MBE


Jenny Phelps MBE, Senior Farm Conservation Advisor for the Gloucestershire Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group. Member of Defra’s Environmental Land Management Scheme Engagement Group; Trustee for the Foundation for Common Land; Leads with her team on many farmer led projects including: Facilitator on the Farmer Guardians of the Upper Thames Facilitation Fund; Lead for the Upper Thames Catchment Partnership, Natural Flood Management and Cotswolds Payments for Ecosystem Services Defra pilot. Jenny developed the Integrated Local Delivery (ILD) framework with the CCRI, Natural England and Action for Communities in Rural England (ACRE) to achieve multi objective environmental delivery. Awarded an MBE in 2016 for ‘Engaging Communities in Environmental Protection’.

Specialism: Environmental delivery through facilitation and stakeholder dialogue, particularly focusing on delivering Countryside Stewardship Priorities; Ecosystem Services; Water Framework Directive; Integrated Flood Management, Common Land; Mid-Tier, Higher Tier, Higher Level Stewardship and England Woodland Grant Scheme applications for the Environment Agency, Natural England and the Forestry Commission; giving independent and impartial conservation advice to farmers, landowners and communities and facilitating partnership working; Writing national strategies and consultations for DEFRA and its agencies.

Passion: Action on Climate Emergencies.

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