Jimmy Woodrow

Jimmy Woodrow


Eight years spent across a range of business development roles in the food industry led Jimmy to farming, frustrated by the widening disconnect between the food system and the farming industry that underpins it. During that time, Jimmy became aware of a number of pioneering businesses bucking that trend, something Jimmy now champions in his part-time role leading the PFLA as well as his wider consulting practice, where he advises food, farming and agri-tech businesses on strategy and business development.

A number of years working at Neal’s Yard Dairy introduced Jimmy to the dairy sector, in which he now has a particular interest. The PFLA has a small number of certified Pasture for Life dairy farms and is working with the farmers to advance these principles in the wider dairy sector.

Prior to food & farming, Jimmy spent seven years in the City of London in financial advisory roles.

How to Transition to Pasture-Fed Dairy

Discussion Tent

Join the Pasture-Fed Livestock Association looking at the case for regenerative, pasture-fed dairy farming. In this session, we hear from farmers who are in the process of making changes, or who have managed to transition fully to 100% pasture-fed practices. We discuss the issues holding back the sector that have emerged from studies carried out […]