Sara Grady

Sara Grady


Sara Grady, co-founder of British Pasture Leather, has directed numerous initiatives to support regional farming and food culture. Previously the VP of Programs for agricultural non-profit Glynwood ( in New York’s Hudson Valley, she is now based in the UK where she is focused on her work with British Pasture Leather to fulfil its vision of linking leather with exemplary agriculture. Additionally, she consults with food and farming enterprises to provide strategic planning, research, grant writing, and project management services

Leather From British Pastures: Can we Create Material Supply Chains That Regenerate Land?

Discussion Tent

Design and fashion industries are declaring a rapidly growing desire for materials with regenerative origins and positive impacts – but what are the realities of creating new supply networks that can support farmers while meeting this demand? This interactive discussion will be facilitated by British Pasture Leather (producing leather from Pasture for Life certified farms) amongst […]