Jonathan Arnold

Jonathan Arnold


A long standing director of Robin Appel Ltd , a dynamic and well respected independent grain merchant and supply chain management company based in Hampshire and operating right across the UK and mainland Europe.

Jonathan has been with the company for over 25 years and has seen it evolve and flourish in a highly competitive market to now stand out as a leading agricultural merchant with added value supply chains across all commodities.

Collaboration with farmers, processors and end users has always been the company’s mantra and allows the company to add value outside of mainstream commodities and encourage farmers to embrace the opportunities that present themselves and pull the supply chain together.

There is clearly a need to reduce food miles and exhibit more and more traceability in supply chains as well as exhibit the myriad of production techniques which can combine to lessen artificial inputs and enhance the natural environment. A lot of this goes under the ‘regen’ farming umbrella and is something the company can exhibit quite easily to those that are interested.

Collaboration is alive and well as far as we are concerned!