Kate Still

Kate Still


Kate has been at the Soil Association since 2010, leading farmer advise on livestock health and welfare; and more recently taking on overall management of the producer focused farming programmes. She primarily works with producers, inspectors/assessors, vets and farm advisors and is a specialist in the implementation of welfare outcome assessment as part of farm assurance schemes. Her career has also included practical farming, farm business consultancy and advising farmers in wild plant and habitat conservation.

Extending the Grazing Season: Optimising Winter Forage for Livestock & Soil Health

Seminar Tent

Outwintering livestock for part or all of the winter can be a great alternative to housing, but it requires careful management to ensure animals and soil are not stressed and maintain good condition. In this session three Innovative Farmers trialists will talk about their experiences investigating different approaches to extending the grazing season. These include […]