Niels Corfield

Niels Corfield


Niels Corfield has been working to deliver a truly sustainable food system for over 10 years.

He is an advisor, researcher and educator. 
He is working to create regenerative: farms, landscapes and operations in the UK and Europe. He is focussed on agroecological systems that are low maintenance and productive.

 He advises and consults on: soil health, agroforestry, and planned grazing as well as setting-up on-farm trials.

He also provides whole-farm planning and design services to transition farm operations, using inclusive & participatory methods.

He works with RegenAg, Keyline Planning & Holistic Management frameworks.

He offers specialist mapping services to growers and farmers to facilitate decision-making and planning.

He is a soils researcher, technician and demonstrator and has carried-out soils monitoring work for PFLA grazers – working to establish an empiric case for healthy soils on pasture and mixed farms. As well as conducting cover crop trials on arable and horticulture operations in the UK. He carries-out on-farm soil assessments for farmers and growers across the country.

He delivers specialist training for farmers, growers and land managers, through short courses around the country. He is a demonstrator of in-field monitoring practices and surveying on-farm.

 He is committed to an information-lead approach to on-farm decision making and management practices, and helped develop the Sectormentor for Soils: app and website (launched at the Oxford Real Farming Conference 2018).