Rob Yorke

Rob Yorke


Rob has lived in the wetter and wilder parts of the UK (from Snowdonia to Shepherd’s Bush) and as a rural commentator hosts events, broadcasts 90sec vlogs, had 135 letters on environmental matters published in The Times and interviewed Messrs Gove, Monbiot, Goldsmith, Batters, Juniper. He is also a rural chartered surveyor working on projects involving land and people. His diverse broad-church experiences over 25 years led him to found his Environmental Dialogue Broker (diplomatic, curating, compering, moderating) services

Soapbox Hour – 8 Minute Big Ideas

Seminar Tent

Hear 5 big ideas in 8 minutes each: *GM Methods Provide Nature-Based Solutions for Crop Disease Control (Jonathan Jones) *Tea, Soil & Social (Lucy George & Ottilie Cunningham) *A Carbon Negative, Community Supported, Soil Regenerative Model (Michael Kennard) *Basic Income for Farmers (Jo Poulton) *Horses for Healthy Land (Annabel Holmes)