Tom Fairfax

Tom Fairfax


Tom runs Mindrum Farm, a mixed farm in the Cheviot Foothills of North Northumberland running 1000 Suffolk Mule Ewes, around 100 Shorthorn / Angus Suckler cows and some rather thin arable ground. Whilst Mindrum has always had a strong agro-envionmental thread, we shifted to a biology led agroecological operating model in 2019, completing organic conversion in 2022.

Tom uses a range of regenerative tools and frameworks, including “on farm microscopy” to monitor soil and animal health and inform management decisions.  Most of our inputs are made on farm.

How to Feed Your Soils Biologically

Discussion Tent

A panel discussing how to feed your soils biologically – looking at Climate Compost with The Land Gardeners, bokashi with Andrew Sincock from Agriton, brewing microbes with Jeff Allen from Microbz, using microscopes on farm with Tom Fairfax, Mindrum Estate Northumberland and farming biodynamically with Jane Scotter, Fern Verrow.