Chris Clark

Chris Clark


Chris is a partner in Nethergill Associates, a business management consultancy, with expertise in financial management, marketing and farm business planning. He has 30+ years of management experience and running an eco-hill farm business and is a member of the North Yorkshire Rural Commission and England Chairman for the Nature Friendly Farming. The work of Nethergill Associates has researched in detail the interaction between farm businesses and nature. With the link now found to farm to maximum sustainable output (MSO), their latest work outlines how this works for arable farmers.

Nature Means Business for Arable Businesses

Old Dairy

Nature Means Business highlights the vital role nature plays in any farm business. Initial research for the associated the ‘Less is More’ report focused on upland farms. Now in the next stage of this work, Chris Clark will talk through how this approach to farm business applies to arable farmers and understanding how you can […]