Dr Dion Garrett

Dr Dion Garrett


Dr Dion Garrett is a molecular entomologist in the Rothamsted Insect Survey (RIS), with expertise in detecting plant pathogens and their insect vectors. He gained a PhD investigating the ecological and molecular tools to study aphids important in agriculture, working alongside an industry partner (Gā€™s Fresh) and developed field trials to research pest management in various crop systems. He has an MSc in Entomology and has gained a broad knowledge of insect identification. He is currently leading the fieldwork and molecular components in a project looking at understanding the spread of beet yellows viruses (Virus Yellows) in sugar beet using a combination of satellite, drone and molecular tools.

Beneficial Beetle Monitoring & Identification

Breakout Tent

A session describing why and how to monitor beneficial beetles on farms. This will focus on carabid beetles that eat crop pests and weed seeds, and the farm measures that can encourage abundance and diversity of species in different systems. Attendees will learn why and how to trap beneficial beetles on their farms, and there […]