Ian Gould

Ian Gould


Ian Gould is a Director of Oakbank Game and Conservation Ltd, who are well known for their work with farms and estates in habitat creation, woodland management and more recently regenerative agriculture. Ian has travelled extensively to speak to and learn from the best exponents of cover crops, including plant breeders, drill manufacturers and many farmers. Ian and Oakbank are at the forefront of using all the tools available to farmers and land managers, so that they can benefit from the new opportunities such as Carbon, Biodiversity Net Gain and Regenerative Agriculture.

Affinity Water: Multi-Species Cover Crops: Evidence, Practicalities & Benefits Of More Diversity

Kellogg's Origins Soil Tent

Diversity in your cover crop selection is a generally seen as a positive for your soils and the environment but what evidence do we have to back this up. This session will look at the scientific evidence and practical on-farm experience of the benefits (and pitfalls) of multi-species cover crops.