John Cherry

John Cherry


John Cherry farms the Groundswell host farm with his brother Paul. His initial enthusiasm for no-till farming stemmed from laziness and an urge to avoid bouncing around on tractor seats, but the further the brothers advanced down the road of continuous no-till, the more obsessed John became about the various soils on the 2500 acres that they farm and how they should be looked after. The Groundswell show came about because he had too many questions that no-one had satisfactory answers for and the easiest thing seemed to be to gather all the experts in one place and see what happened. The result exceeded all expectations…

Are You Ready To Fully Embrace What It Means To Be Regenerative?

Breakout Tent

Regenerative agriculture is about so much more than what you do with your soil – that is just the beginning. This panel discussion asks what regenerative really means beyond farming practices and explores how farmers, producers, brands and businesses can adopt a truly regenerative mindset“ an approach to healing people and the land.