Pete Richardson

Pete Richardson


Pete has been organic veg for more than 25 years at Westmill Farm and Coleshill Walled garden. The enterprises include no dig tunnels and 30 acres of field scale crops which are sold through multiple outlets including; box scheme, restaurants, shops and an honesty hut. Pete has also been actively involved in the organic movement by holding roles such as Chair of the Organic Growers Alliance, a key part of the Soil Associations Future Growers Apprenticeship scheme and The Farmer and Grower Board. His drive and passion for growing quality organic fruit and vegetables whilst training and sharing his vast knowledge is second to none.

What’s Happening Below the Surface to Drive the Change? Soil Health in Horticultural Strip Tillage Systems

Grass Tent

Why and how does strip tillage in vegetable crops benefit the soil and its biology? We take a whistle stop tour of the fundamentals of utilising strip tillage techniques in field scale vegetables to understand not only the practical benefits to the grower but what is driving this below the surface.