Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell


Simon Cowell won the 2018 Soil farmer of The Year competition organised by Farm Carbon Cutting Toolkit and Innovation for Agriculture. He started getting interested in soil and its biology twenty years ago and has been improving his heavy clay soils by stopping all tillage, making and applying highly biologically active compost and building mycorrhizal fungi populations. To prove the theory that a balanced soil food web can provide all the nutrients a crop needs, he hasn’t applied any phosphate or potash fertilisers in all that time and has started experimenting with cutting out nitrogen applications as well.

Conversation with UK no-tillers

Soil Farmer of the Year

Conference Barn

Session led by Joel Williams, interviewing Simon Cowell (winner 2018) and this years finalists. Presenting the awards for Soil Farmer of the Year 2019 in association with Farm Carbon Cutting Toolkit.


CA Principles into Practice in the UK

Seminar Barn

Will Scale, Simon Cowell and Ian Piggott will describe the process of transition to CA on three farms in the UK.