Fred Price

Fred Price

Fred farms 250 acres in Somerset.  All his decisions are measured by an underlying passion for, and growing understanding of, soils as living things and fertility as biologically driven. He says “I’m pleased with what I’ve achieved so far – I have built a mixed farm around forage-fed pigs to enable me to profitably incorporate cover crops, herbal leys and perennial forage mixtures into my rotation.  But my ‘to do’ list was easy compared to the raft of practices I’m trying to ‘un-learn’ and wean my soils off. With the tools in place, and others in the pipeline, I’m now focussed on building a low-input, regenerative farming system. Exploring ways of measuring my progress are key as I try and persuade others to join me on the journey.”


Become a Soil Expert for Your Farm

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Hear from farmers Chris, Fred, Fidelity and Ian who are all using soil health as a guide as they experiment and discover what works best for their farm. They have been using simple soil tests combined with the Sectormentor for Soils app to learn and assess how healthy their soil is.  Whether you want to […]