Josiah Meldrum

Josiah Meldrum


Josiah Meldrum is co-founder of Hodmedod, a Suffolk company whose aim is to encourage us to grow and eat a wider range of British grown pulses, grains and seeds – creating healthier and more diverse diets and farming systems.

Working with farmers Hodmedod has pioneered β€˜new’ crops for the UK, such as lentils and revived long-forgotten staples, like naked barley, central this has been finding engaged markets to support primary production. This enables change by encouraging the creation of more complex rotations, through more direct routes to market, and ultimately by adding economic and agroecological value.

Prior to Hodmedod Josiah worked for NGOs, farmers’ co-operatives and retailers whose aim was to create a more equitable and sustainable food system.

Beyond The Farmgate – Supply Chain Opportunities

NIAB Seminar Tent

The need has never been so clear to build better routes to market, for new localised infrastructure, and more value to reach farmers to make an agroecological transition. Come and hear from farmers and traders doing things differently and participate in discussions on opportunities, challenges, support and investment in new markets.