Groundswell Archive

Previous Groundswell’s Presentations:

Download some of the archived presentations from previous Groundswell’s by clicking on the buttons below. The slides are for information purposes only and may lack in context without the accompanying presentation. Please note that a number of the presentations/slides from the show cannot be shared for copyright reasons. 


Groundswell 2018 

Visit the Groundswell YouTube channel and watch the videos of presentations from the Groundswell 2018 Playlist.


Groundswell 2017 

Grass-Fed Day:

Tom Chapman – Mob Grazing Theory and Practice 

Keith Thompson – Fails and Missteps

David Montgomery and Anne Bikle – The Hidden Half of Nature 

No-Till Day:

Amir Kassam – The Global Perspective 

Andy Howard – Options for Intercropping and Companion Cropping on UK Farms


Groundswell 2016 (The First UK No-Till Show and Conference) 

Ian Pigott – Farmer’s Perspective

Tony Reynolds – Farmers’ Perspective

Frollein Brehm – Uncovering Earthworms

Amir Kassam – The No-Till Revolution , A Worldwide Phenomenon

Jamie Stotzka, Plant Works – A Scientific Approach To Soil Biology

Mike Donovan, Practical Farm Ideas – Advantages Of Cover Cropping

Mike Harrington, Edaphos – More Methods To Improve Soil Biology