Imagining a New Cereal Seed System With UK Grain Lab

Discussion Tent

Imagining a new cereal seed system with UK Grain Lab The current seed system emerged in the 20th century to feed people, protect farmers from disreputable merchants, recognise and protect the efforts of plant breeders and drive innovation. Over time legislation and regulation emerged to codify and protect it.  Though it delivers at scale and for particular breeding targets it has failed to serve the needs of (historically) small markets; low input systems, particular agroecosystems or certain milling, baking and eating preferences.  Increasingly it appears too slow to respond to climate change, biodiversity loss, resource constraints, diet related ill-health or the policies emerging to tackle those crises. Critically it seems out of step with many farmers’ desire to do things differently.  Join this UK Grain Lab workshop to co-design an alternative seed system – one that’s adaptive, resilient and scale appropriate.