John Turner

John Turner


John farms with his brother Guy on a 125ha mixed farm at Little Bytham, near Stamford in Lincolnshire. They have been involved with growing population wheats since 2017 as part of a wider focus on producing specialist crops for millers and bakers. He was a founding member of Pasture for Life and helped in the development of the “Tracks” system of traceability for PfL certified dairy and meat products. He is currently working as part of the UK Grain Lab team in the development of the “HeteroGen” online platform to facilitate the traceability required by legislation for the exchange of heterogeneous (population) grains

Doing the Time: Working Towards the Decriminalisation of our Seeds

Big Top

It’s increasingly well understood that crop diversity holds the answer to many of the pressing problems we face, from resilient food production in the face of climate change to chronic diet-related ill health. But one of the most potent tools at our disposal is currently illegal: the trade in genetically diverse cereal seeds. By their […]